Mavi Phoenix shares sweet, but heartbreaking music video for 'Ibiza'

By Alex Brown - 31.8.18

Austrian  born Mavi Phoenix, shared an intimate music video for her heartbreaking song, ‘Ibiza’. She recently released the singles ‘Los Santos’, ‘Yellow’, and ‘Bite’ to widespread appeal. Her fast-climbing fanbase has helped her push to more than 4.5 million streams on Spotify, proving yet again that you don’t want to be left behind on the Phoenix train. 

Just like the bird of the same name, Mavi rises above all odds to deliver what is arguably her most personal song yet. On the track ‘Ibiza’, Mavi Phoenix says, “It’s my soundtrack for when you realize that you don’t fit together, but it’s super hard to let go and you get stuck in reminiscence.”

The official video for “Ibiza” directed by Cristina Salgar is a wild walkthrough echoic of the weekend; sandy beaches, neon-lit nightlife, aquatic life, streetlight ghosts and intimately affectionate moments all sculpted into one kaleidoscopic collage of thrills, lights and exotic nights. Although Mavi herself describes the video as “self-explanatory”, Phoenix delivers her signature, provocative flow all from the seat of a car, spinning lines like “You’re all around every time I go out now, and I’m down everytime that I meet ‘ya,” it’s clear that these words come truly from the heart.

Watch Mavi Phoenix - Ibiza below - 
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Mavi Phoenix Upcoming Live dates:
October 5.6 : Spring Attitude Festival, Rome (IT)
November 1 : Zebulon, Reeperbahn Festival showcase, Los Angeles (US)
November 7-11 : Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavík (IS)
November 12 : Old Blue Last, London (UK)
November 15 : Yuca, Cologne (DE)
November 16 : Kantine am Berghain, Berlin (DE)
November 17 : Turmzimmer, Hamburg (DE)
November 20 : Rockhouse, Salzburg (AT)
November 21 : PPC, Graz (AT)
November 22 : Flex, Vienna (AT)
November 23 : p.m.k, Innsbruck (AT)
November 24 : PosthofLinz (AT)
November 28 : Pop Up!, Paris (FR)
November 29 : Sidecar, Barcelona (ES)
November 30 : Changó, Madrid (ES)
December 1 : Dabadaba, San Sebastian (ES)
December 5 : Ampere, Munich (DE)
December 6 : EXIL, Zurich (CH)
December 7 : Palace, St. Gallen (CH)

December 8 : Kaserne (Rosstall 1), Basel (CH)

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