Electronic music group The Orb shares latest album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’

By Alex Brown - 12.7.18

For those not familiar with the English electronic music group, they are known for being the pioneers of ambient house. Founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and The KLF member Jimmy Cauty, The Orb began as ambient and dub DJs in London.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, The Orb spoiled fans with their latest album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’ released via Cooking Vinyl.

The new EP brings a lot of excitement with a few brilliant collaborations, involving legendary musicians who have a firm grasp on what makes The Orb special. "Easy On The Onions," a half-time ambient piece, mostly works thanks to Roger Eno's plaintive piano. Jah Wobble holds down the low-end on Paterson's J Dilla tribute, "Doughnuts Forever," a brief track that recalls the sweet melodic escapism of some of the group's peak '90s work.

01. The End Of The End
02. Wish I Had A Pretty Dog
03. Rush Hill Road
04. Pillow Fight @ Shag Mountain
05. Isle Of Horns
06. Wolfbane
07. Other Blue Worlds
08. Doughnuts Forever
09. Drift
10. Easy On The Onions
11. Ununited States
12. Soul Planet

Go give ‘Doughnuts Forever’ a listen below!

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