Multi-instrumentalist NOVO AMOR shares breathtaking video for 'Birthplace'.

By Alex Brown - 29.6.18

Welsh multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Novo Amor has shared an absolutely phenomenal video for "Birthplace", which is the title track from his debut album.

The video highlights the rigid problem of plastic in our oceans and was shot in Komodo and Bali, Indonesia, with production duo Sil and Jorik.

The diver in the video is professional free diver Michael Board,  who is the current British record holder In the free immersion discipline (FIM) and performed around 250 free dives to capture the footage, along with the crew who spent around 35 hours underwater in total.

Sil and Jorik shared their thoughts on the concept behind the film:

“We want to make films about stories that matter, especially when those in disadvantage can’t speak for themselves. The pollution of our oceans is one of the most important stories of our time. They are under attack by a rapidly growing tumor of plastic waste for which we are responsible. We’ve been exploring ways to make a video that touches on this topic for a while, and when we heard Ali’s music the specific idea came to us almost in a flash.”

Watch the extraordinary video for 'Birthplace' below:

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