Listen to Tim Green's Atmospheric and Emotive debout LP Titled "Her Future Ghost"

By Alex Brown - 4.6.18

Tim Green returns to Cocoon with his atmospheric and emotive LP titled "Her Future Ghost". Surprisingly, after all this time, this 10 track production is his first ever album in his career.

The LP begins rather ambient and unhurriedly presents deep house elements with track no.2 with the very same name as the album, "Her Future Ghost". A beautifully produced almost 9 minute long low-frequency tune. Halfway through the album, Tim Green grabs several synths for intesitity. Finally the LP finishes rather gently slowing down within the last 4 tunes.

Stream Her Future Ghost on Spotify:

Full Setlist
1. New Life
2. Her Future Ghost
3. Colliding
4. The Opera
5. Echno
6. The Incident
7. Evaded
8. Same Life
9. They Want to Fall Down
10. He Fell

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