Artist and Fashion Designer Johny Dar designs new ‘alien’ language

By Alex Brown - 13.6.18

Johny Dar is a man of many talents - acclaimed artist, designer, musician, director, and boundless creative architect, Dar works simultaneously in many arenas, and now in linguistics to boot. Perhaps his most momentous creation yet, Dar’s new language has depth, meaning and musicality. Developed over decades, and light-heartedly dubbed ‘alien-rap’ in relation to his music venture, Dardelica, - this original creative expression by Johny Dar is much more than simply another version of gobbledigoop…

‘It’s not really a human language,’ he explains, ‘I’ve been speaking it since I was a kid and no one on earth understood it - my parents were wondering what was wrong with me! I’ve always been an alien in this world, somehow. For a minute I tried to fit in but failed, so I had to re-create my own world from scratch, and this language was a part of that. My new single Alien Animal is about that journey - it’s a celebration of individuality and fearless self-acceptance.’

Available from July 15th, Alien Animal is the third single from Dar’s debut album Dardelica (due for release later this year) which spearheads the ‘revo-future’ of electronic dance music, and features  ‘alien-rap’, on every track.

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