AVEC releases outstanding debut album 'What If We Never Forget'

By Alex Brown - 1.1.18

After gracing the stage at Eurosonic Festival earlier this year, Austrian songstress AVEC has released her highly anticipated debut album What If We Never Forget via Earcandy Records.

For AVEC, lyrics are the key component to writing music, and What If We Never Forget is an album of a story-telling nature, communicated in a manner that is moving, calming and melodic. AVEC simultaneously shares her own creative story through the powerful portrayal of human life and emotions through her music.

Opening track ‘Waiting For’, sees AVEC inviting  listeners to crawl close to her words, allowing them to slowly come into focus. She crafts a sturdy melody with a pleasantly hazy foreground, while soaking her music in her own surroundings and experiences. ‘Bones’ bears a hushed and haunting soundscape, delivered in a pure, unblemished voice. The result is a perfect, melodic flow declaimed with a striking emotional imprint -  beautiful to listen to. ‘Youth’ is a sincere, soulful track, brimming with honesty. The melody is carefully crafted, and the vocal stylings lay bare the singer’s heart truthfully and effectively. With her expressively breathy vocals and stunning sound arrangements,  AVEC sets free a piece of her soul to tell its own story. The album concludes with ‘Shadows,’ a pleasingly reflective offering, using guitar and strings elegantly and sparingly to reveal the deep craft at the heart of What If We Never Forget.

The future looks bright for AVEC, and we look forward to more material from the young Austrian artist.

Listen below and order What If We Never Forget  on iTunes

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