The Young Hearts release lyric video for 'Bloom'

By Alex Brown - 8.11.17

The Young Hearts from Kent, UK have shared the new lyric video for 'Bloom', taken from the bands new EP, 'Honestly, I'm Just Thinking'. The new EP features 4 tracks of powerful emo/alt rock, which has been highly praised by the music press. Out now through Primordial Records.

Speaking on 'Bloom', bassist Stew Thorpe said "'Bloom' is very much following on from 'Everything We Left Behind'. We wanted things to change, we had grown tired of everything seeming so much harder as you grow up. There were simpler times with no expectation, where the whole world was in front of you."

The four gentlemen behind The Young Hearts take solace in their art, as a release from the pressures and stresses of modern life. Having suffered close personal losses and even being involved in a serious car accident on the way to a show, which would have been enough for other bands to call it quits, The Young Hearts have kept their heads held high throughout. Understandably, the band took a back seat whilst the individual members dealt with their situations, but The Young Hearts have come through with a powerful new EP of songs, sculpted by nostalgia, loss, guilt, pain and strife.

“We feel refreshed and couldn't be happier that the new record is ready to go.” says bassist Stew Thorpe. “We have a great team in Saviour Management and Primordial Records behind us, and it has already opened up new doors and opportunities that we wouldn't have had before.

“We have a few tours coming up that we are really excited about. We can't wait to get out on the road and play the new tracks to new people.”

'Honestly I'm Just Thinking' was recorded during March 2016 by Ian Saddler at Emeline Studios, Whitstable. The Young Hearts highly respected Ian's style of hands-on production and the results of the week-long session are clear to hear.

Leaving no stone unturned, the band took their time with the writing of 'Honestly I'm Just Thinking' - Honing in on minor details so that every drum fill, lead line and chord progression suited the bands sound as best it could.

“We all feel that the EP is a step up in our songwriting abilities.” says Thorpe. “It's not a happy record, to say the least, but it definitely makes you think about these kinds of issues with some kind of happy outcome. It finally feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel, when it comes to being satisfied on a creative and personal level. It's been a very long journey.”

The Young Hearts came together in mid-2014, following the split of the members previous project. After honing their sound, the band hit the studio in March 2015 to record their debut EP, 'Everything We Left Behind', consisting of five songs that captured every ounce of heartbreak, disappointment, and resilient determination up until that point.

It was at this point that The Young Hearts were signed up by No Panic Records. December 2015, 'Everything We Left Behind' was released worldwide. The collection of songs saw high praise from a number of reputable media outlets including a 4K review in Kerrang! magazine.

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