Sandra and Andrew share another slice of Applepie

By Alex Brown - 19.9.17

Sandra Bjurman and Andrew Applepie have teamed up again after their success with ‘Drowning World, ’ capturing their contrasting personalities to bring us ‘Waltz of Despair’. Released on 15th September via Seeking Blue Records, the single captures life’s constant changes and all that comes with it.

Applepie brings charm and cheerfulness to the mix,  while Sandra meets him in the middle with her dark, but vivid imagination. She plans on sharing an “Applepie Version” of each of the tracks on her in upcoming EP – sounds interesting.

Sandra Bjurman comments on the song: “Waltz of despair mirrors the end of an era in life. The struggle to move on as the past is yet present. The line "Let go of my hands" is a metaphor for any kind of release after an imprisonment. Also I love the scenery, a waltz of despair through the ashes and flames in a burning room; it's so bittersweet and beautiful somehow.”

Listen to 'Waltz Of Despair' and buy here.

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