'Nothing's Sacred' proves the stamina of CYNE's 2003 "Time Being"

By Alex Brown - 20.9.17

Alternative/experimental hip-hop outfit CYNE, has re-released a Deluxe Edition of their classic album Time Being. Originally released in 2003, the album was an interesting reflection of the  social, political and musical era. However, the mark of a true classic is whether it can remain relevant in years to come, and The Project Mooncircle release has cerainly proved the staying power of Time Being.

This deluxe edition includes a remaster of the original Time Being album, previously released singles, instrumentals, and two previously unreleased bonus tracks (“Plain English” and “The Word”), both recorded during the Time Being sessions. Time Being is now available on vinyl for the first time. The exclusive remastered deluxe set comes out worldwide on limited green triple vinyl and digital.

'Nothing's Sacred' is the latest track from the album to hit the airwaves once again. Using a sample from Opa's 1977 'Camino Arise (Long Walk - Romantica - Land),' it's hard to believed that 'Nothing's Sacred' was written over a decade ago. The pertinent lyrics as well as the contemporary arrangement of the back-beat has proved the stamina of yet another of CYNE's tracks.

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