9/11 release for The Ghibertin's poignant 'Where Are We Now'

By Alex Brown - 11.9.17

The Ghibertins have released their latest track 'Where Are We Now,' a socio-politically charged ballad which makes reference to the impact of war and religion. The track has fittingly been released today, sixteen years after the devastating attacks in United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The lyrics are moving and hard-hitting,  "Cluster bombs falling down, child soldiers marching out, for a reason claimed to be so profound. We can hate and spill our blood while our nations are at war. The religion we don’t share wiped us away." The track urges us to empathise with the pain of others, as vocalist Alessio Hofman states "I see rafts sailing in young mothers freezing cold from a journey full of hopes and despair. We feel safe in our town. Turning our heads while they drown."

The Ghibertins are expected to release a full length album later this year. 'Where Are We Now' follows the release of 'Breathe For Me' and 'The Less I Know, The Better' which were both favourably received by fans and critics alike.

Listen to 'Where Are We Now' below and buy here.

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