Marle Thomson Shares Her Brilliant Acoustic album 'The Canopy - Acoustic'

By Alex Brown - 12.6.17

Light, playful guitar and emphatic vocals open the  entirely acoustic and lyrically dreamy new album from Marle Thomson. The Canopy - Acoustic is out now via City Lark Music, with lyrics that hint at the paradoxical nature of love. Thomson plays freely with timing, launching into slower sections to create rhythmic variation, with elements of jazz and folk coming into play.

With humble beginning as a church gospel singer, Thomson progressed rapidly in her singing career, to experience performances as a soloist in front of a public. In February of 2016, Marle launched her EP The Canopy - Acoustic in the packed Paradiso venue in Amsterdam, which was entirely decorated with forty trees and plants to give the audience a total experience.

Of the album, Marle Thomson says: “For this album I wanted to go back to the essence of the songs, the way they were written, using only my guitar and voice. Not being able to hide behind a full production and other instruments, I pushed myself to even get closer to the songs, the meaning, and the lyrics. It means making an even stronger connection to my emotions and being able to connect to the audience. I really hope that the listener gets the feeling they are with me in my living room, where I literally recorded most of the songs.”

Listen to 'Home':

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