Listen To New Single By Thalab

By Alex Brown - 9.3.17

Talented duo Thalab have revealed new single “Good Swim”, taken off their recent 4-track EP A Good Swim.

The EP is put out by Juicebox Recordings, and showcases the Barcelona-raised, London-based duo’s contemporary take of electronic music. Have a listen to the laid-back “Good Swim” below, where the hip hop-influenced hi-hat keeps a cool, acid jazzy groove flowing under evocative slide guitar lines and rich synth swells.

Says Thalab of the new EP, "A Good Swim was written and recorded last year in a room in London, by the two of us. All of the four songs came into their own in an intriguing way for us, we followed them rather than the other way around. There's some second-rate psychoanalysis in there, some mythology, idealized kitsch landscapes and gardening problems. Both sound and words were the result of loosening up the way we approach making music.”

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