Husky Loops Sign To Alcopop Records For Debut Album

By Alex Brown - 8.3.17

Husky Loops met in Bologna, Italy, while still at school. The members, Danio (vocals & guitar), Pietro (drums & samples) and Tommaso (bass), played in various bands, but only joined forces to form their ultimate creation fifteen years later when they relocated to London. After putting their debut track “Dead”online at the start of 2016 they immediately gained interest and attention for their unorthodox take on modern rock music, which was followed by their last single “Fighting Myself” late in 2016.

When asked about their name, the band answers that they were looking for something that no-one else had. But there’s more to it. They spent months putting random words together and thinking about the meaning that was formed when these words were combined. The husky dog is often associated with the internet meme “Pun Dog”, which depicts a husky with animal-themed puns and anticlimactic punchlines. They liked the fact that this wasn’t the sort of imagery associated with a rock band, and due to their fascination with sample culture and hip-hop, the word “loops” was also a natural part of their vocabulary. When combined they realised that the word husky became an adjective meaning “gravelly” or “raspy”, and that the combination of the two words could also mean “rough repetition” - and so the name Husky Loops was born.

A band with diverse inspirations, they name influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Aphex Twin. The forthcoming self-titled EP, due out on April 7th through Alcopop Recods, reflects the hard work and endless jamming sessions the three have participated in over the past 12 months.

Watch the video for “Fighting Myself” below:

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