An On Bast Releases Braindance Single Before Album Launch

By Alex Brown - 17.3.17

Polish producer Anna Suda (aka An On Bast) has built a significant reputation for herself, with Boiler Room calling her work “magnificent”, and Redbull commenting that her “dreamy dance music” has “electrified Polish audiences for years.”

On “Adore”, the new single from upcoming album Neuroplastic Brain Fitness, the listener quickly gets the sense that An On Bast is a fan of pushing the limits of ‘ordinary: of making music that challenges expectations and provides opportunities for genuine surprise. As Suda says, “Making this album I wanted to ask the question in terms of keeping our brains fit, is it better to choose always your good safe zone, or to put yourself in front of the unknown and experience the unpredictable?

“Adore” is a rhythmically complex, ear-beguiling musical journey, from a tribal bass and tom introduction to complex, layered melodic lines and ambient drones - an exciting, energising braindance track that rewards repeated spins with its subtle nuances.

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