Leon Inc. Drops Stellar New Single "Kepler-62 ft. JR827"

By Alex Brown - 22.11.16

The follow up to French electronica artist Leon Inc.'s groundbreaking XLR8R-endorsed "Microfibre" will be made available on November 25th ahead of his debut album "Insert Disc". The second single "Kepler-62" (ft. JR827) was named after the star Kepler-62, which was discovered with two significantly Earth-like planets. "Kepler-62"'s punchy bass and craftily dated synth sounds are reminiscent of a cult classic movie from the 80s.

After creating a buzz with on XLR8R with his first single "Microfibre", Leon Inc. will release his first full-length album "Insert Disc" in early 2017 via Leon Records. The album is imagined as a total artwork, merging audio-visual components. Jeremy’s biggest project to date, Leon Inc. takes us onto what he describes as a “weird and wonderful journey”, painting a surrealist tongue-in-cheek concept using a vinyl pizza cutter for the cover, along with an ambitious microsite called “Leon Resort”, showing off  web animations in sync with the LP tracks.

Since being introduced to artists such as Mirwais and William Orbit and Les Inrocks’ compilation “Une Rentre´e Electro” featuring the likes of Aphex Twin, LFO and M83 when he was 8 years old, Jeremy was truly fascinated and inspired. Drawing influence from the likes of Com Truise, Etienne De Crecy, Hudson Mohawke and LuckyMe Records, Leon Inc. comprise an in depth array and cross section of music, artwork and web design.

"Kepler-62's" hooky, melodic synth shapes, swirling arrangements and sinister edge wouldn't feel out of place as the soundtrack to an 80s cult classic movie or a familiar drive in a big city noir. Jeremy explains, "I produce a lot alone at night and Kepler-62 is definitely the most nocturnal track of the album. This feeling is well expressed by the web animation of the track on Leon Resort, with that midnight blue. As for the interpretation of the title, look at the sky while listening to the track tonight, and it will be yours."

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