Glitter Wasteland to release "EP 1"

By Alex Brown - 25.6.16

GLITTER WASTELAND is set to release their new EP, "EP 1" on 1st July via 61 Seconds Records.

Having a multitude of nationalities as part of her make-up, singer, Siri Jantey has had inspiration from a greatly broad spectrum. Raised in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Thailand and furthermore as a total polar opposite in a small town in the Swiss Alps as well as crossing great distances such as Australia to Los Angeles. GLITTER WASTELAND’s music can’t help but have a very unique yet diverse sound.

Siri often plays with her collective on which Timo Loosli (We Love Machines, Faux Tales) and Marco Neeser (Swandive, Division Kent, take part. With such diversity within it’s collective, their influences range from Sia, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Marvin Gaye, and Erik Satie, to name but a few.

”Music was always an important part of my life. From the very beginning of my memories, I remember moments of music, always connected to all kind of situations and moods”. She continues to explain the meaning behind the band name, “It's about contrasts, antipodes, extremes. Both sides of the same coin called life in all its beautiful and ugly facets. One can't be without the other. The stage, the bright part, and the scene behind the curtain. I like to bring both sides together in my moments of creativity. It also means freedom. Be glamorous if you like, but don't follow the rules of society and fashion if you know deep within that these rules aren't right for you”, says Siri.

GLITTER WASTELAND infuse tasteful visuals with a dreamy atmospheric delivery, linking emotional depth and melancholy beneath it’s surface. GLITTER WASTELAND’s music feature minimalistic beat sampling, Siri’s vocal powerhouse partnered with an industrial sound to the snare, all making for an exciting release.

Watch the impressive video for GLITTER WASTELAND's "Cold War".

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