NKOSI Share New Track ‘White Gold’

By Alex Brown - 16.9.15

American outfit NKOSI have shared a new track titled ‘White Gold’. The duo is made up of vocalist Echoboyy, and Dave Sherman (ex-Audible Mainframe). The pair are East Coast natives who separately moved to LA to pursue their musical dream. After a period of bumping into each other in studios and on stages, they decided to combine their efforts in a new project, which combines elements of house, chillout and pop.
According to Echoboyy, their collaboration has enabled them to liberate themselves and their music from external pressures: "We've always wanted to produce and record our own music on our own terms, in our own studio. The freedom you get allows you to be more creative, and hone the songs without outside influence.”.

Sherman provides all the instrumental textures while Echoboyy’s vocals provide the emotional focal point of the track. Listen below:

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