Barrie Cadogan /// Shadow

By Alex Brown - 26.6.14

Part-Time Primal Scream guitarist Barrie Cadogan has come back with his three piece with new album Shadow. This album takes rock back to its basics and never lacks in rock’n’roll excitement. The album was recorded on vintage instruments and with pre-digital recording gear, whilst you may not think it would make much difference, with rock music, it really does. The albums sound is reminiscent of rock giants such as The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, the sound that makes these legends so timeless. The songs themselves are packed with good riffs, powerful drums and classic vocals. The album is 11 tracks long and it is an album that sounds as if song placement have been thought of. The whole thing flows and makes it easy to listen to as a whole album. Sworn In is the first single from the release and is a perfect example of what to expect from the album.

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